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Добавлено: 18 сен 2014, 01:20
Александр Устинов
GPStation-6™ Triple-Frequency GISTM Receiver

The multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPStation-6 design is our next generation GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitor (GISTM) receiver, based on the mature GSV4004B GISTM receiver used in ionospheric monitoring networks and space weather applications since 2004. By combining the proven GSV4004B receiver design with our OEM628™ GNSS measurement engine, the GPStation-6 offers a future proof modernization path for existing customers and a leading edge solution for new customers.

http://www.novatel.com/products/scintil ... station-6/

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Добавлено: 18 сен 2014, 20:51
Vladislav Kalinnikov
а конкретнее? это спам.

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Добавлено: 17 мар 2015, 22:26
Александр Устинов
В смысле по-английски не понимаешь?;)
Интересный приемник от NovAtel.

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Добавлено: 23 авг 2016, 18:52
Александр Устинов
Installation & Operation
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