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Kolida DL200 Руководство пользователя

Добавлено: 20 сен 2017, 09:09
Kolida DL200 Руководство пользователя English

Re: Kolida DL200 Руководство пользователя

Добавлено: 20 сен 2017, 20:00
Описание формат:
B A1 0.000m 1
G 1.44883m 12.075m A1 A1 3B1
I 1.35781m 12.587m 2 A1 3F1
I 1.35780m 12.584m 2 A1 3F2
G 1.44880m 12.076m A1 A1 3B2
G 1.39158m 14.392m 2 A1 3B1
I 1.43825m 14.213m 3 A1 3F1
I 1.43827m 14.213m 3 A1 3F2
G 1.39165m 14.389m 2 A1 3B2
G 1.40134m 17.286m 3 A1 3B1
I 1.39649m 17.136m B A1 3F1
I 1.39652m 17.143m B A1 3F2
G 1.40119m 17.284m 3 A1 3B2
G 1.40756m 40.443m B A1 3B1
I 1.20671m 40.445m 5 A1 3F1
I 1.20657m 40.450m 5 A1 3F2
G 1.40770m 40.454m B A1 3B2
G 1.26720m 37.277m 5 A1 3B1
I 1.44085m 36.946m 6 A1 3F1
I 1.44063m 36.958m 6 A1 3F2
G 1.26700m 37.278m 5 A1 3B2
G 1.38674m 9.059m 6 A1 3B1
I 1.46284m 10.929m A1 A1 3F1
I 1.46286m 10.931m A1 A1 3F2
G 1.38674m 9.065m 6 A1 3B2
W 0.00037m 262.807m A1 A1

B means beginning
A1 means the control point
0.000m means we define it as 0m
G means backsight
I means front sight
1.44883 means the information from the staff
12.075 means the dist to the staff
A1 2 2 A1 this line means the point name.
A1 A1 A1 this line means the reference point
3 means measuring times for single data
B1F1F2B2 means the measuring method BFFB
W means the end point
0.00037 means the total height difference
262.807 means the total length of the line
there will have some other information in the middle if you input note, or set the error limited.
we didn't input this information, so it's space.
Аt the first station, you need to do a backsight measurement to the reference point
so 1 means the first time to do backsight measurement on one point
you can see in line 4, it;s B2, it means the second time BFFB.