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CAWA project

Добавлено: 22 май 2016, 23:15
Vladislav Kalinnikov

Regional Research Network “Water in Central Asia” (CAWa)

Central Asia faces big water-related challenges, among them water scarcity, degrading water quality and inefficient water use. Climate change may even aggravate the situation. These challenges can be met only in a joint effort of all Central Asian states. The CAWa project intends to contribute to a sound scientific and a reliable regional data basis for the development of sustainable water management strategies in Central Asia.

The data obtained within the CAWa project will be published in data bases on this portal. This data will include:

Real-time hydrometeorological data from the newly installed monitoring stations
Metadata of the hydrometeorological time series available at the participating Hydromet-services
Hydrochemical data from field campaigns
Remote sensing data, e.g. on land use, vegetation, snow cover and relief

Re: CAWA project

Добавлено: 22 май 2016, 23:22
Vladislav Kalinnikov
The CAWa Project – An Introduction